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We're getting into the final weeks for submission to the FarMaker Interstellar Speed Sketch contest . It's being done in cooperation with Icarus Interstellar Starship Conference in Dallas… , being held in mid-August.

Unfinished Ship by steve-burg Dock 17 by Balance-Sheet

The gist of the contest is this: Imagine a future where Earth achieves its full potential, a craft that reaches across space to discover other worlds and bring these visions to reality in a speed sketch, taking from 5 minutes to a maximum of 1.5 hours. You can work in any medium, including physical media, but in the end you must be able to upload a digital image into the submission form to participate. For this contest, you could work in 3D as well, so long as you take less than 1.5 hours. Deadline for submissions is Thursday August 1st. Limit of four submissions per artist.

Random ship sketch by Aldeminor Ship Shape by steve-burg

Check the website for more details and/or to submit a work. All skill levels are welcome!

Onto my second bit of news, I'm slowly getting back to accepting freelance commissions, though I'm keeping a narrow focus on the types of work. I'm primarily looking to pick up e-book cover work in the SF, fantasy, and pulp genres. If your interested in my services, send me a note with as much detail about the job as you can if you're interested in further discussing a job and I can work up a quote. You can see some of my book-cover-formatted works, here… .

The Naked Time (pulp) by RobCaswell Galaxy Blues alt cover by RobCaswell <da:thumb id="184549772"/>

If you're looking for a cover but have a small budget, take a look at my pre-existing pieces here… . These are all available as e-book cover art for $50 and can be reformatted, to varying degrees, to better fit the format.

ST3 by RobCaswell Seekers 4 by RobCaswell ST2 by RobCaswell

I'll be expanding the other art services/formats I'm offering in the near future. You can see a gallery of my recent commission work, here… . Keep an eye on the Commissions Info box on my main page for this info as it becomes available. For the time being I'm not accepting "concept art" work.

On a final note I've tried to be as interactive with my DA viewers (and especially those who comment) as I can. It's lead to some great feedback and conversations, plus it helps my lil' corner of DA feel like a bit of a community unto itself.

I'm grateful for that interaction. But with over 2500 subscribed DA viewers and a gallery of 1100+ works, I simply don't have the time to respond in the comprehensive way I used to… unless I could somehow turn managing my DA page into my "day job". So I'll be replying to comments that seem warrant one (a question asked, an idea suggested, et al), but I'm not going to have time to individually reply to everything. That said, I'll continue to READ them all, so all  comments will certainly be taken to heart (and mind), but I just need to reduce the management workload where I can.

And now, great stuff from all around DA. Click to see the biggies!

Elemental Perseverance by Shimmering-Sword Ice Planet Zero by GrahamTG Fighting Falcons by rOEN911 Shuttlecraft - TARDIS by BJ-O23 Encounter battle by Waffle0708  NarcoTrans Spicerunner by KerroPerro Pacific Rim / Jaws by Cakes-and-Comics Bruce Lee by LotusArtDe The Tribble With Troubles - TrekBBS July Challenge by Ptrope  PeanutsTrek by zenzmurfy Chucks Record by GreyWolfeRun Diagnostics by Balaskas de Havilland Comet Office by Daniel-Wales-Images Antarctic by jfliesenborghs Landing by jfliesenborghs 
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MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Hmm. I think Id be willing to give this a try! :D Thanks for the heads up!
Deepblu742 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
Thanks for the heads up on the starship sketch contest, sadly I don't think I've ever done anything in SF in less than 10 hrs, because I'm an old graphic design perfectionist who experiments endlessly and doesn't know squat about rough sketching concept art wise.

Arcas, I understand you've got to cut down on responding to every're just too darn prolific and popular now. Don't get the wifey upset your taking ridiculous gobs o' time interacting with us dweebs. I was spoken for once and not anywhere as popular/active as you & man...dA could monopolize the time away (if I let it) like a succubus. It's an addiction that must be managed, hehe.
mattaui Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Those are some great book covers!
RobCaswell Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks! Glad ya like 'em :D
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July 17, 2013